LAMP Track of the Day: Dead Space & Chay & Dateless – Doozy [Glasgow Underground]

“A couple of weeks back we were lucky enough to have Dead Space join our mix series. He delivered an incredible mix which you can check out here. In his interview he mentioned some upcoming collaborations, one of them being with Dateless. He neglected to mention this one however (either that or I wasn’t paying attention which is also very possible) along with Dateless and his producing partner Chay. I am so happy to see this on one of our favorite labels Glasgow Underground. It is part of a 4 track sampler titled New Year New Blood. Fairly appropriate seeing as how we think this will be a big year for Dead Space and can only hope for the same from Chay and for Dateless who is always on our radar. Their track “Doozy” is just that. A massive robust kick and sub bass along with the booming bass line are the driving force with this track. Taking us down a deep dark tribal techno rabbit hole. Filling out this powerhouse production and adding some great depth to the track are a multitude of pulsating pads and synth percs to keep things fluid and interesting. I especially dig the modulating wood block perc they use throughout the track. This label has got their stuff together and it shows with his New Blood EP.Congrats to the boys for being chosen to be included along with some other very talented individuals we will also be paying close attention to.”

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January 6, 2017 

by LAMP – (LA Music Project)

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